Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm Back!

I am bringing this blog back to life. Resuscitation will involve some travelling back in time. I will catch up on all I have been up to since I have last posted. (It has been a long long long time).

But first, I want to talk about right now. I am just finishing up a book called " I Am Not Afraid of You or Anything". This is a book of short stories written by my pal/fellow neer-do-well and talented writer Jon Paul Fiorentiono. I illustrated a whole bunch (30 at this point) of full page colour drawings that are the other component of the book. The book is being published by Anvil Press in 2014.
I'm trying to teach myself animation by creating gifs with the drawings from the book. So this is my first gif ever, more to come.

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